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Digital Heroes Awards

Welcome to the TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards 2015, celebrating inspirational people who use digital technology to make their communities, and Britain, Better Off.


TalkTalk is proud to announce the 2015 Category Digital Heroes winners!

Congratulations Helen McCabe of HOME for taking the title of TalkTalk Digital Hero 2015! https://www.youtube.com/

Go to our winners page to find out who they are and read about their winning digital projects. Congratulations to all our finalists!


For any queries, please email TalkTalkDigitalHeroesAwards@talktalkplc.com.

The TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards, in association with Citizens Online and The Mirror and backed by Go ON UK, was the UK’s first scheme recognising people who harness the internet to bring about positive social change.

TalkTalk is proud to be championing heroes from all over Britain who use technology for good. For over seven years the TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards has recognised and rewarded little and local projects from across the country.

The Awards scheme provides much needed funding, with each Digital Hero awarded £5,000 and the overall Digital Hero, as selected by our panel of judges, receiving £10,000. The Digital Heroes will be recognised at a ceremony at the House of Commons in London where their great work will be showcased to politicians and other key influencers in the world of technology.

The awards are made up of ten themed categories to find the most inspirational and creative individuals using technology for good, including for the first time, a new category for Internet Safety, in partnership with online safety organisation Internet Matters.

The nation’s Next Generation Digital Hero remains a special category, recognising a young person who stands to win £4,000 for their chosen charity and an Apple MacBook Air.

The other eight categories include Employment, Healthy Living, Silver Surfer, Skills, Volunteer, Fundraising, Education and Sustainability.

The ten category winners are selected by a public vote. The overall winner for the Awards is selected by our expert panel of judges.

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